About NBBC

Living at the intersections of race, gender, and sexuality, there is a community disenfranchised by non-normativity and mono-sexuality. While LGBTQ+ spaces have made an effort to incorporate other non-monosexual identities within their moniker, Bi+ erasure continues to separate our communities from one another.

Not Black Bi Choice asserts and reinforces (3) affirming facts about our community: First and foremost, we are unashamedly black; secondly, we are unapologetically Bi+; finally, that these identities are not something that we choose, nor have chosen, for ourselves. 

This website will be a space for Black and Afro-Latinx Bi+ folks of all genders to display their art of varying sorts, their intellect, experiences, knowledge, and varying genre of subcultures in order to uplift the diversity and voices within our community. 

NBBC aspires to connect, elevate, affirm, and educate those within and outside our community. It is a space for us and by us.